The new Sky sign-in page

The ‘My Account’ section of is a place for customers to manage their TV, Broadband and Mobile accounts online. You can view and make amendments to your bill, view your connected devices, check your Broadband health and manage your mobile data. The task was to refine the sign-in process and present the benefits of managing your account online, to current and prospective customers on a logged out version of the page.

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01. Problem statement

How do we make the sign-in process quick and simple, as well as presenting the benefits of managing your account online to current and prospective customers on a logged out version of the My Account page


02. User story

As a customer I want to be able to access my account quickly and easily, as well as understand all of the things I can do once I’m signed in so that I can make the most of my Sky subscription


03. Success criteria

As a signed in user you are able to check your bills, manage your package and find help for all of your products. We want to encourage more sign-ins, and in return, reduce the amount of calls to the call centre


My main findings from analysis and research

After conducting research of excellent examples and direct competitors of Sky, here are some of my main findings for what makes a good sign-in user experience:

  • Strong indicator for the selected input field
  • A link to register/sign-up as well as sign in
  • Social integration to allow for quicker sign in
  • Auto-focus on first form field after page load
  • ‘Keep me signed in’ checkbox for returning users
  • An indication of what the user will see once they’re signed-in


Getting my ideas on screen

I explored several ideas to speed up and simplify sign in. Social integration, automatic product detection and magic email links were all features I explored. It is assumed that these methods would reduce the time for users to reach access to their account.


Manage your account - TV, Broadband & Mobile

I wanted to create a design that really stands out from the ordinary, putting the benefits of signing in at the forefront of the design, and presenting it in a striking way to encourage users to complete their journey. Simultaneously, sticking to basics when it comes to the sign-in input fields, keeping them as simple as possible by using familiar design practices, the use of white space, and relevant inline links (eg. 'Forgot' to take users through the email/password reset journey).


Designs that are considered across all devices


Streamlining the way users sign in

Alternatively, this design uses a 50/50 page split layout to simplify the way users are signing-in. Returning users would be able to click the account they would like to sign-in with and enter their password, removing the need to re-input their username over and over when returning to site. The benefits of signing-in are less of a distraction, simply displayed in a carousel on a fixed background colour. The idea is to A/B test the two designs, with the success criteria being the percentage of successful sign-ins.

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