Goodyear Project

UI/UX Design

Goodyear holds a long history of innovation and award-winning quality.

Goodyear funded MAM Software to build a desktop application that is packed with functionality, looks great on a variety of resolutions and has a simple user interface that is modern and easy to use.

My work on the Goodyear project insisted on creating user interfaces to be developed or re-developed and analysing wireframes and design elements within the application to create a more friendly user experience.


The Wheel

Before applying the Goodyear branding, I created a series of wireframes to show developers how the application would work and quickly decipher ways for the user to get to their required destination quicker.

The main feature of the simplistic design is to keep as many functions in a place that is familiar to the user. For example, the main menu always shows up on the left side, and the call to action button can always be found bottom-right.

Before & After Comparisons

These following images compare sketches and old software screenshots to my designs for new the Goodyear product.

Finished Product

I have included a selection of screenshots of the final Goodyear desktop application.

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