At Home Agency we pitched a design idea to Dr. Oetker, which helps bakers remedy failed bakes step by step, and gives a friendly hand-hold approach to people that are new to baking.


Baking With Dr. Oetker

By using personalised landing pages at different times of the year, recipes can be bundled into categories and showcased so that bakers can easily find new recipes that suit the mood. There’s something for everyone to tuck into.


Baking With a Passion

At Dr. Oetker, no detail is left unturned. Recipes are sprinkled with a personal touch, giving you all the information you need and more, so that you can start baking those perfect cakes! We’ve got the ingredients covered, just don’t forget to bring the energy.


Novice to Expert

Baking with Dr.Oetker is simple and fun, which is why I’ve created a journey that is both easy to use and personalised. There’s pull-out top tips and easy-to-follow, personalised guides, for those new to baking and those that are already baking experts.


Whoops! #BakeNoMistakes

In reality, baking isn’t always easy, and things do go wrong from time-to-time. It happens to the best of us. That’s why we created #BakeNoMistakes. From cracked cakes to cupcake overspill, there’s no need to panic, just start where you left off and cook Plan B!


Everyone’s a Winner

Because it’s pretty impressive to turn a failed Sunken Cake into a Classic Trifle, there’s a whole area designated to #BakeNoMistakes. Follow top tips and expert methods, and share your reformed masterpieces with others. #BakeNoMistakes

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