Samsung TV Sync

Goal+ gives Samsung device owners the ability to stream live in-game stats straight to your smart TV to get the ultimate football viewing experience. The design challenge was to uncover as many stats as possible in a small viewing area on the TV while not obstructing any of the game showing behind. This was done by using a condensed design with slick animation and a gradual opacity. See the image stills below…

Player Compare

Goal+ for Samsung gives the user the ability to compare two players stats against each other. We needed to make this work inside our current framework. It also needed to be visual, in-depth and easy enough for a new user to pick up and use off the bat. I created a simple, easy to follow overlay that pop’s up when a user selects a new player.

Team Compare

Similar to the Player compare, Goal+ also has the ability to compare teams. Keeping as many design elements in the same place as possible, here’s how a user would compare a team in the app…

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